Mom Schools Son On Life Gone Viral
A mom recently wrote a letter to her 13-year-old son, because the kid didn't want to be told what to do.  And it's going viral because she AGREED . . . if he'd just pay half the bills, including $430 in rent, $150 for food, $116 for electricity, and $21 for Internet...
Did Anyone Lose a Piano? [UPDATED]
The Miami Herald made a startling discovery recently, or rather, someone passed along this scoop to the Herald. A grand piano has taken up residence on a sandbar in Biscane Bay.
I don't know Biscane Bay. (I don't know a lot of things...
The Best Golf Shot Ever? [VIDEO]
I'm sure there are many fantastic golf shots in the world I haven't seen, but I have seen this one. It get's my vote as the best, until there is another.
The Saints Get Super Mario’ed
You may be wondering how the New Orleans Saints, defending Super Bowl champions, lost to a team with a losing record in the first round of the NFL playoffs. As always, YouTube has the answer.

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