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Wyoming Students Have the Fifth-Highest SAT Scores In The Country
Here's some good news for high school students and their parents. According to a new study, Wyoming is tied for the fifth-highest median SAT score in the country.
2017's States With the Best and Worst School Systems compared public education in each state based on a variery of factors, including clas…
New Study Ranks Wyoming Among the Best States For Doctors
As the health care debate continues to dominate the headlines, a national study has just ranked Wyoming among the best states in the country for physicians.
Wallet Hub's "Best and Worst States For Doctors" compared a variety of factors, including wages, malpractice claims, insu…
Wyoming Ranks Among the Best States for Underprivileged Children
According to a new study from WalletHub, Wyoming is one of the best states in the country for underpriviledged children.
The report analyzed several factors, including income, health care and education.
Wyoming tied with Minnesota for the nation's lowest percentage of teenagers who are not attend…
Does Wyoming Love to Gamble? You Bet We Do
In 1888, two years before Wyoming officially became a state, Crook County Representative Tom Hooper famously told the Territorial Legislature, "Show me the man who will not gamble in some way and I will show you an imbecile."
Indeed, gambling has been a popular past time here in the…

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