What It Sounds Like To Win $46 MILLION [VIDEO]
Twelve coworkers in Canada pooled their money and bought a bunch of lottery tickets, and just hit the jackpot for $46 MILLION.
Dennis Cartier bought the tickets, and he showed up on Monday in sandals and a t-shirt to give them the great news...
I Came Home Heavy From Thankful Thursday
There's so much to like about Thankful Thursdays at The Redwood Lounge 2105 E Lincolnway, Cheyenne, WY 82001, not the least of which is winning money. In this card game, each card sells for $5 and is then ripped in two. 1/2 goes in a bucket the other half stays with you...
Anyone In Wyoming Get To Retire Today? Winning Numbers
In the 1st drawing from The Wyoming Lottery Corporation, the numbers were drawn in the multi-state game.
The 8/26/2014 Mega Millions Winning Numbers are
29 – 31 – 51 – 60 – 64 & 1
with a Megaplier 5x
The estimated prize is $15,000,000
Wyoming launched the games this last S…
Instead Of A Book, She Took The Nook
Jessica Jones took a waltz through our Prize Vault and decided to catch up on her reading with a brand new Nook eReader.
That;s just a perk for listening and plugging in the Rockstar Of The Day, which you will hear every weekday in the morning at 7 & 9, and in the afternoon at 1 & 4. …