We're raising money for a great cause AND giving you a shot at winning $500 that's in one of ONLY 6 bottles, all with Thankful Thursday THIS Thursday!

We had a great time last Thursday raising over $7,000 for Black Dog Animal Rescue. This Thursday is another great opportunity to grab a few drinks after work, and raise money for another wonderful local charity: Grace For 2 Brothers.

Grace For 2 Brothers was formed in 2010 by Executive Director BJ Ayers, and has since been a beacon of light for so many. They recognize that teens and young adults who suffer from depression or other mental illness can feel hopeless and alone, and often times leave their friends and family members feeling hopeless on what to do to help.

The mission for Grace for 2 Brothers is “Suicide Prevention through Awareness and Education…” continuing their critical work for the community of Cheyenne and throughout the state of Wyoming.  This foundation provides resources and assistance to those in crisis, or those who know someone who’s in crisis.  They’re also there to give support to survivors.  BJ Ayers shares her compelling story of extreme loss, and how she found the strength and inspiration to  help others by starting this foundation.

There’s ONLY 6 Coors Light aluminum bottles, all with prizes, but ONE of those bottles has $500!  You also have a shot at $150 dollars with the “Thankful Thursday Word of the Week:  Just stop by Central Bank and Trust at 3060 East Lincolnway, (just down the street from the Redwood Lounge) pick up the card that has the word, then bring it into the Redwood Lounge.  If we draw your number and ask you if you know the word of the week, you’ll be $150 dollars richer.  There’ll be all sorts of great auction items with proceeds benefiting Grace For 2 Brothers.

The party starts at 4:30 p.m. THIS Thursday at the Redwood Lounge, 2105 East Lincolnway.  See you there!