What a CRAZY Thankful Thursday season ender , giving a check to the American Legion Boys & Girls State Program, raising money for Food Baskets, AND auctioning off ALF!

It was our last Thankful Thursday of the season, as we now take a break for the summer months, and what a way to wrap up an amazing season!  We raised $7,800 for the Laramie County Community Christmas Food Basket Program, hosted by Alf’s Pub and Package Liquor, and it's something that Alf is so passionate about, he actually had HIMSELF up on the auction block, and managed to raise $425 for this program, to go out on a date with him!

Alf was quite "blush-a-fied" that someone would shell out so much money to go out on a date with him, however the woman who bid on Alf is a women who's no stranger to non-profits herself.  Her name is Linda who's from Grand Island, Nebraska, and not only did she outbid all the other anxious bidders wanting that special date with Alf, she runs a non-profit in Nebraska. Linda, who's happily married, is planning on going on a "date" with Alf, along with her husband, and the date, a Nebraska Cornhuskers game!

In talking with Linda, she said that she was so impressed with our Thankful Thursday, she and her husband are anxious for this "date" with Alf, in hopes of getting his advice on how they could start up a program like ours, where they live.

We also had some winners Thursday night, including a $500 winner, and we also gave away the "Central Bank and Trust Thankful Thursday Word of the Week" to Mary Myers, one of our sponsors from Century 21, and the luck in her family didn't end there.  Her husband Jim won a wheel barrel full of beer that was being raffled.  (I keep telling Jim and Mary that I'm going to drag them both to "The Borderline Store" to have them buy me a lottery ticket!)

We'll be starting up Thankful Thursday again in the fall, and we'll be starting over with 106 Coors Light aluminum bottles, all of them with prizes, four of them with $500!  Until then, we hope you all have a wonderful and safe summer, and from the bottom of our hearts, we want to say thank you for helping us have one of the most successful Thankful Thursday seasons.  See you all this fall!