The American Legion Post #6 needs your help TODAY (Dec 18th) and THURSDAY (Dec 19th) with the Cheyenne Community Food Basket Program.

Over the next two days, volunteers are assembling more than 900 food baskets. Jackie from the American Legion Post #6 has said that it takes a lot of manpower to put these food baskets together. And they are in desperate need of more manpower!

They’re asking for volunteers to help out the rest of today, as well as bright and early Thursday morning. If you want to help, show up at the old Liquor Commission building at 1520 East 5th Street (turns into Campstool Road), across from the refinery.

Thursday is going to be the longest day for this project, so they’re hoping they can get as many volunteers as they can to start at 6 a.m. (not an early riser? Feel free to come after! They'll be there until the job gets done!).

If you have a little spare time tomorrow morning, please give a little time to this wonderful community by volunteering with the Cheyenne Community Christmas Food Basket Program.