I’ve had Christmases directed by Frank Capra and I’ve spent more than a few Christmas dinners at Denny’s, due to moving around the country for career. Each special in its own way, for its own reason. The gifts of Christmas past and present are each appreciated for creativity, depth of thought, or lack thereof. The gifts, however costly or thoughtful, pale to the gathering with family and friends.


Having celebrated Christmas in a gathering of misfit orphans or surrounded by loving family, today has been a bit of both family and friends. It did not have a lot of time, but enough to get a glimpse of how my sons continue to make me proud of how they keep growing as the fine men they are, in all levels that matter. Their intelligence and core beliefs, their humor and thoughtfulness, their handling of situations and personal challenges, and wishing I could offer good counsel.


Its paying back past friends who opened their homes and hearts to me when I was new in town, and we in turn open our home to new friends. They know not now much they are loved and appreciated. Friends and family of Christmas past, though we may not currently have proximity, you remain in my memories and heart.


To all, including you reading this, I hope this is your merriest of Christmases, second only to the next one, coming up.

And as for your presents, they are appreciated, but not as much as your presence in my life.


Merry Christmas.