A Throwback in time to the 50's and 60's when passenger trains ruled the rails and we rolled from Denver to Cheyenne on The Sherman Hill Railroad Club/UP Excursion Train.

My wife Janis and I were as excited as little kids boarding the bus for the trip to Denver yesterday morning to ride the 19 passengers cars behind three UP diesels, the classic E-9 A and B units with the massive Big John, the DD-40. I was fully engaged with Tim who was from Fairbanks, AK We talked Alaska railroading, the western United States and in and around Wyoming. Before I knew it were pulling up to the National Western Complex in Denver to board this massive, beautiful train.

Around 1 pm, we pulled out of Denver through the heavy industrial area of Commerce City and began the northbound trek to Cheyenne via US Highway 85. After we rolled through Brighton we started to parallel 85. We rolled through a few of the grain farming communities along the route before stopping in Greeley for a few minutes to take pictures of the train. The Greeley Model Train Museum next to the depot in Greeley is going to be our next rail trip. Greeley is one quaint village.

We left Greeley headed to Cheyenne and the towns clicked by like the sound of rails. Eaton, Ault, Nunn, Carr and finally up the hill and into Cheyenne. Hope you enjoy the pictures and video as much as we enjoed the trip.