Do you remember watching 'The Waltons' TV show?

The television show ran from 1971 to 1981 and it was a favorite for our family to gather in the living room to watch.

Joe Conley, the actor who played the shopkeeper Ike Godsey, died at the age of 85 on Sunday, July 7, in a southern California care facility.Conley was born in Buffalo, New York and had been cast in bit parts on TV since the 1950s including roles on 'Dragnet,''Gunsmoke,''Green Acres' and 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents.'

On the big screen, he played Joe Wally in the Tom Hank's film 'The Castaway.'

Conley appeared in 172 episodes of 'The Waltons' as the postmaster and owner of the Jefferson County general store, do you have a favorite memory of Ike Godsey?