There's a Vietnam vet in Graniteville, New York named Michael Sulsona who lost both his legs in 1971, when he stepped on a landmine.  He's been in a wheelchair ever since, but not a very good one . . . he's been trying to get the Veterans Administration to give him a new wheelchair for the past two years, because his keeps breaking.  But the VA wouldn't do it.

Then he was shopping at Lowe's the other day, and his wheelchair broke down AGAIN.  So a few guys from Lowe's sat him down on a chair in the store, and fixed it on the spot.  They bought all the parts, covered the cost, and made it like new.  They even stayed AFTER the store closed to get it done.

Here's Michael talking about it on Megyn Kelly's show.  (After all the bad publicity, the VA sent Michael a new chair.)