Did you answer our weekly trivia question to win food from Taco John's?

Your name might be listed below as a winner in our Taco John's Taco Tuesday Giveaway.This week's winners of a Taco John's Mexi Roll Combo meal are Leangela, Howard, Colleen and Clay. Congratulations! They each answered the Taco John's Trivia question correctly at our website.

You can try to answer the next trivia question here and win a Taco John's combo meal for yourself next week. If you don't know the answer, don't worry, you can look it up at TacoJohns.com.

Also each week, we ask Taco John's Trivia questions on the air so you can listen and call in to win food from Taco John's like Ernie did this Taco Tuesday. He knew right away that there are FOUR sizes of Potato Ole's; small, medium, large and a Kid's Size. I didn't know they had a Kid's Size. Learn something new and win food each week with our Taco John's Taco Tuesday Giveaway.