When 2" of snow hit Atlanta, EVERYTHING SHUTDOWN! And then chaos ensued.

When 6" hit Cheyenne, KingFM DJ Steve Cooper & Nick The Midas Guy (often heard on his recurring show on KGAB 650AM) decided to save the city from certain disaster by hitting the predawn roads to help our citizens.

Whether it was the impending problem of "My car won't start," "I'm in a ditch," or "I have all this white stuff in my yard, what should I do?"...the guys were willing to spring into action. All Cheyenne citizens had to do was call the radio station and we would come help!

We helped a number of people, but none more heart warming than the woman who let us shovel her walk and clean off her car. That's when she said, "You don't know how much this means to me. I have MS and have such a hard time doing this."

Stuff just got real. In the picture above, we cleaned off all of the sidewalks and the car that belongs to a fine gentleman who just had to give up his job because of cancer.

We both got so much out of this adventure. We'll have to do it again. You should try this in your neighborhood!


Nick didn't have to do this. With all that he is already responsible for (an understatement), he could have understandably ducked out, but nooooo. He does so much for so many already, yet he was there hours before sunrise, to set out to help any and all. He's one of the reasons my wife and I moved here.   He'll help you too, with any automotive problems you may have, and more, on his new and improved radio show with old fashioned down home goodness and a hint of cinnamon,: Kar-gab, on KGAB. Now, Nick and his guests have new prime-time hours from 11 - 1 Saturday mid-days on http://on.fb.me/1bJb6wE