If you’re trying to get your deductions together for tax time, there’s a few deductions that you may not know about, but are legit, according to Turbo Tax!

Some of these deductions may seem a little weird, but they are indeed legitimate deductions, which include:

Pet Moving:  When you relocate for a job, you can deduct your moving expenses.  However, did you know you can also deduct moving expenses for your animals?

Overbites:  Does your child have an overbite?  Does your child have a clarinet?  If they have both, you might be in luck!  Music lessons are deductible, including the clarinet.  However, in 1962, a provision was added after an Orthodontist made the argument that playing the clarinet could actually help with a child’s overbite, so now your child’s clarinet AND his overbite are tax deductible.

Quitting Smoking:  Smoking cessations, patches and other aides to “kick the habit” are indeed tax deductible!

Criminals:  Thanks to the trials of many celebrity criminals, even criminals have to pay taxes, but if you’re caught, you can write off your legal defense, this would’ve even made Tony Soprano happy!

Enlargements/Enhancements:  Thanks to an appeal by a stripper who tried to get her breast enlargement deducted as a business expense, after first being denied in 1988, you actually NOW can get breast enlargement procedures deducted as a business expense!