We’ve all had those moments of passion where we find ourselves locked in each others arms, not realizing exactly where we are at the time, or not even caring, and this seems to be quite  the case if you’re a celebrity!  While most celebrities display their “passionate moments” on the big screen for the entire world to see, sometimes they themselves get caught up in those “heated moments” no matter where they are, this according to newyorkpost.com that came out with a rather unusual video of weirdest places celebrities admitting to do the “mess around!”

On this shocking list, you have Scarlett Johansson still denying that she and the ever so steamy Benicio del Toro, steamed up some romance in an elevator. However, Benicio isn’t denying it, even though there are some ups and downs to the rumor.  Jenny McCarthy admitted that the most unusual place that she did the mess around was at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  However, it was anything but a seventh wonder of the world in the romance department, thanks to all the desert bugs that out freaked this Grand Canyon freak show.

Drew Barrymore had a rather off key moment with her then boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti,   they found themselves in the throws of passion in a bathroom at an opera.  They were kicked out for the incident, probably because the fat lady sang before they could finish!

Where’s the weirdest place you ever did the mess around?