Let’s face it: no matter how much wrinkle cream, hair dye and Rogaine you use, you’re still going to get old.  What age do you feel it?  According to this survey, it's age 50.

According to this, 80% say that it’s at age 50.  Many of those surveyed said that their major concerns about getting old include serious health issues, becoming forgetful, being a burden to others, money, and worst of all, eventually ending up in a nursing home.

O.K., I knew I wasn’t as young as I used to be when my bra size said  “size 36 LONG!” I realize that things are sagging, and I go through hair dye to re-establish my “naturally red hair” more than Lindsay Lohan goes through vodka!  But is it a state of mind?  Many say yes.

There’s some people who may realize that they’re older than they used to be, but they manage to still have that youthful quality.  If you look at Meryl Streep, she may not be playing the blushing young girl who has countless men clamoring after her in the movies anymore, however, she’s still out there still kicking box office butt. And she still looks good.

George Clooney’s showing his age much more. His thick brown hair has now turned into a silvery color that, for men, is referred to as “distinguished.”  I have to admit though, he still looks good.

What about Dolly Parton?  She admits that she’s been tucked, sucked, lifted and who “looks like the girls next door…if you happen to live next door to an amusement park!” But she’s still out there, still kickin’ and her youthful attitude makes her downright irresistible, no matter how old she gets.

Even Betty White, at age 90, is still alive, kickin’ and “Hot In Cleveland.”

It’s o.k. to admit that you’ve reached that age that MTV is no longer your life, and comfortable shoes now fill your closet, but do you let that bother you?

What age have you felt your age, and what things do you do to stay youthful?