Seems as though every year, there’s the must have toy that every kid desperately wants, causing misery for parents everywhere, who are now under pressure to get them that “must have” for Christmas!  We’ve gone through the Cabbage Patch craze, the Beanie Baby frenzy, and who could forget Tickle Me Elmo and Furby?  But much to my surprise, outside of maybe a new Play Station or Xbox, the biggest “must have” this year is (drum roll please) nothing!  REALLY?  You mean there’s nothing we parents have to stand in long lines, preparing to go to toy stores that have turned into literal battlefields, ready to claw and scratch are way to get that must have item?  

This actually might be a good thing; after all, it just takes something that’s so overly hyped that’ll turn a normal decent parent into Godzilla personified from all the hysteria.  I remember working in radio when the whole Cabbage Patch doll, Beanie Babies and Furby's were in hot demand.  If we were lucky enough to score one of these "must haves," we'd usually try to save it to auction off for charity.  Parents went completely mad trying to outbid each other for these items, but on the flip side, it was a major bonus for those charities that we were trying to benefit!

When was the last time you were caught up in the hype of a must have toy or item for Christmas, and what did you have to go through to get it?