When I was a kid, I was excited to see what the Easter Bunny left in my basket. Chocolate, Jelly Bellies both good, but there's one Easter candy I HAD to have!

I would frantically search for this particular candy in my Easter basket, and my mom knew it, that’s why she’d try to hide them under all the fake green grass that she used to line the basket.  I would be disappointed at first, not finding my favorite candy, but after digging around, much to my delight, there it was…those little speckled Easter eggs that were candy coated on the outside, with a layer of chocolate on the inside, all coating what was in the middle, a malted milk ball.  They're called “Robin’s Eggs” and I absolutely LOVED them, and truth be told, I still do!

What’s your favorite Easter candy that you look forward to getting every year?