Here at 101.9 KING-FM, we know we're Cheyenne's Rock Station. But good things are hard to keep secret, and we've noticed some interesting things in our website statistics: a lot of folks who visit us probably can't receive us over the air.

In fact, many of you probably haven't ever even seen Cheyenne. And that's great! Maybe you're listening to us on radioPup, or through on online streaming player. Now we wonder...

This all started when a fan of our sister station, 106.3 Cowboy Country, left a comment on Cowboy's Facebook fan page saying, "Greetings from Germany. I listen in Elmshorn near Hamburg. I like Country music."

This got us thinking: where are all of our listeners? So we've put together a magical (not really) fascinating (it can be!) Google Map where you can post your listening location and leave us a comment!

Once you click the link, find where you listen to KING on the map. (If you don't want us to know exactly where you live, just find the center of the nearest city or town.) Found the spot? First, click the edit button. Then, click the little blue push-pin (pictured - it's at the top-right of map) and then drop it where you want it and add any comment you like.

We look forward to seeing where you're listening to us from! Shoot our IT guy Jon an email if you have any questions, or leave us a comment below or on Facebook!