It’s been speculated for quite some time now that the price of coffee is continually going up.  How high would prices have to go for you to give it up?

For both my husband and I, since we both get up almost at the crack of MIDNIGHT, we not only enjoy our morning coffee, we NEED it!

Now that the coffee price rumor has peaked, or this case “perked” at it’s highest, we might have to rethink our budget to see what we can live without in order to keep buying our coffee.

I know that neither my hubby or myself would EVER give up that delicious “mountain-grown” solution that keeps us going through the day, would you?

Scientists actually say that your favorite morning cup of coffee, whether you brew it yourself or you buy a cup from your favorite Batista, is an addiction, more than just a morning ritual. What do you think?

Would you ever give up a steaming hot cup of morning coffee because of high prices?  What would you give up instead so you could afford your morning Joe, or better yet, what sneaky thing would you do to score yourself some free coffee?