The long weekend should see a lot of smiling faces from those who venture out with pole in hand. You’ll see why people come from across the country and around the world to experience Wyoming angling. Back in ’05, American Angler Magazine named Grey Reef the "#1 Big Fish Destination in the World" for good reason and you can still pull the occasional 8 pound or better trout out of these Blue ribbon waters. Try Trico's early in the day and Caddis late.

Levels are low for the North Platte and Encampment, but you’ll find your fishing is good there and along the Mile with San Juan worms and Red Rock worms early and late in the day. While the water levels drop at Glendo, you may want to try some bottom bouncers.

High Country fishing for Snowy Range is on par with Grey Reef for production. Solitude will be difficult with Labor Day weekend pressure trying to get some last fishing in for the summer. Prepare to hike in to avoid the crowds.

The Laramie River may be low, but the fishing is good in the clear water, and producing better than the Laramie Plains lakes which are just ok.

To increase your chances and skills, you may want to take advantage of a guide. You can learn a lot from most. Good luck and have a great weekend.