The other day, my husband and I found ourselves rushing just a hair south of the border to pick up a lottery ticket, like we have many times before.  This got me thinking of the Borderline Store,  what will happen to them when we get our own lottery in Wyoming?

My husband and I have been to the Borderline Store on numerous occasions, and it's a charming little place located just south of the border, and although we've only stopped in to get our lottery tickets, we've heard rumors that people could actually eat there.  We've seen tables there, and even a bar setup.  We haven't had the chance to see if their restaurant venue actually exists, but are still planning on checking it out.

We found the Borderline Store to be a friendly place, meeting people that have the same dreams as my husband and I, of maybe someday, cashing "the big" one and living large, giving to GOD first, then family and community, and, then, if there's anything left, maybe relaxing somewhere on a beach in our sunset years.

One question keeps burning in my mind, what's to become of this little charming store once Wyoming gets the lottery going in our state?  Will people still be inclined to travel just a hair past the border to still get their lottery tickets?  Would you?