Are you among the senior Olympians storming Cheyenne this week?

The Wyoming Senior Olympics have arrived here in Cheyenne. I watched the parade of athletes march past our studios on Capitol Avenue Thursday evening.

I’m sure seniors from around the globe won’t be here, but many from around the region will be participating. There are close to 55o senior competitors participating this year. (the word probably got out with the advertising the Senior Olympics did with our sister station, KGAB).

The Senior Olympics have a lot in common with the London Olympics in that there are track and field events, tennis, volleyball, swimming, shooting, cycling, canoeing, weight lifting and badminton. Check out a schedule of events here.

Some of the sports that are unique to the Senior Olympics include golf, racquetball, softball, billiards, darts and bowling. Even more unique to the Senior Olympics are horse shoes, disc golf and pickleball.

Best of luck to all of the senior competitors and get out to one of the venues and support your favorite Senior Olympian!

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