33 days away from the beginning of autumn, 13 days from Labor Day weekend, Mother Nature has given a not so subtle hint of what is to come. The Bighorn Mountains had a bit of snowfall to mark the impending end of summer.

In Lovell, Wyoming, Ron Salyer, with The Bighorn County Sheriff’s Department as well as Wyoming Back Road Photography & Tours captured this picture that should remind you to be prepared for the upcoming winter.

Ron shared his thoughts on the taking of the picture of Foxtail with snow; “How amazing despite their situation, they stood their situation and although I imagine they did not believe they could withstand this burden, they did and with beauty, poise and grace.”

The Farmer’s Almanac says “Wyoming and the Mountain Northwest should expect a wet and colder winter than normal.  That’s good news for winter time enthusiast!  Above average snowfall could provide another water surplus for 2017.”

Thanks for sharing Ron and best of luck with the “tours” side of things. Stay safe, and stay warm all.


Brant Melzer,

Here's a shot that shows what fell on this camp in The Bighorn Mountains. You always have to be prepared for anything in Wyoming. That goes double in the mountains.

Luckily, Brant Melzer had a camera and with the kind assistance of his wife, we can show you. While this could scare off a lot of people, these folks at Destination X in Gillette sell snowmobiles and probably can't wait for more of the white stuff.  I just ask for patience, just a little patience please.