Are you a whiskey drinker?

It's almost ready, the first batch of Wyoming Whiskey goes on sale at retailers on December 1, 2012.

The owner of Town and Country Supermarket Liquors, 516 South Greeley Highway, in Cheyenne, Maurice W. Brown bought five barrels for his store.

A bottle of Wyoming Whiskey will sell for $40. They'll be sending out 8,000 cases in December and the next batch will be ready in October of 2013.

Wyoming Whiskey, made in Kirby, near Thermopolis, is the state's first legal distillery. The process of making the first barrels of the product began in 2009, using wheat, barley and corn grown in Wyoming and artesian well water from a limestone aquifer near Manderson, Wyoming.

Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Famer Steve Nally was convinced to come out of retirement and move to Wyoming to make the whiskey. For three decades he was in charge of producing Maker's Mark whiskey in Kentucky. The Wyoming Whiskey master distiller made it clear when he agreed to make the product that he wouldn't sell it until it was ready.

The Wyoming Whiskey team includes David DeFazio and Brad Mead, Governor Matt Mead's brother.

The limited first year's worth of Wyoming Whiskey will be sold to the state-controlled Wyoming Liquor Division to be distributed around the state. Mead says it will expand to national distribution only after satisfying the demand at home.