Grab a laugh or two from this list of WYOMINGISMS.

Out In The Boonies: Rural Area

Candy-Ass: Whiner; Baby

Don't Run Off Mad: Stay A Little Longer; Come Back Soon

Buckle Bunny: Girl Who Chases After Pro Rodeo Cowboys

Gunsel: (not sure on the spelling on this one, as it's not listed in any of my 4 dictionaries!) Someone Not Familiar With Western Ways.

Sh** Kickers: Cowboy Boots

Dinner: Lunch

Supper: Dinner

Chicken-Shit: Two-Faced; Back-Stabber

Warsh Rag: Wash Cloth

Heifer: Unpleasant Young Woman

Sow: Unpleasant Older Woman

Hasp or Hame: Any Part Of Horse Tack That You Don't Know The Proper Name Of

Go Cup: Plastic Glass Filled With An Alcoholic Beverage, Used To Transport Said Beverage From One Location To Another, From Bar To Bar; Party To Bar; Bar to Party; Party To Party; Etc. Etc.

Wanna: Want To; Want A

Gunna: Preparing To

Beer Maiden: Cocktail Waitress

How'd we do? Are we missing any WYOMINGISMS that you feel should be added to the list?