Whether you may know it or not, Wyoming has some pretty crazy laws. Seeing as how it is the week of Cheyenne Frontier Days, perhaps it is a good time to give a refresher course on just how bizarre some of those laws are. I mean, the tourists have to have some kind of guidelines, right?

Some of these are so downright bizarre, you might now believe them whatsoever, but the research has been done. They exist. But some of them just aren't exactly enforced all the time, or ever really. That being said, if you break one of the laws, it's probably not exactly the crime of the century. So let's take a look at the 10 bizarre Wyoming laws that you probably didn't know existed...

These 10 Things Are Illegal in Wyoming...

So now you know! That next time you want to go drunk skiing, or you happen to get the urge to find a mine to get drunk in, just know that in Wyoming, those things are a little more than just frowned upon.

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