Where do you go to cool down in Cheyenne?

When the temperatures begin to reach into the 90s and above, it's time to find a cool spot to hang out like a pool or a lake, here are some nice places around Cheyenne.

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    Cheyenne Municipal Pool

    In Lions Park, you'll find Cheyenne's recently remodeled Municipal Pool with slides, lap pool and spray park. It is a great place to cool off, although it can get crowded at times.

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    Johnson Pool

    When the weather gets hot, another pool to jump into is in Lincoln Park at 812 House Ave. The outdoor Johnson Pool opens during the summer and offers swim lessons.

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    Cole Pool

    Along East Nationway you'll find the Cole Swimming Pool at 3439 Green Valley Road. They are open during the summer and offer swimming lessons.

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    Sloans Lake

    No swimming is permitted in Sloans Lake at Lions Park, there is no life guard on duty. Paddle boat, kayak and canoe rental is available though to cool off a little. There's also the beach area where you could wade into the water while building your sand castle.

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    Lake Minnehaha

    In Holliday Park, there is Lake Minnehaha. No swimming is allowed here either but just sitting next to a body of water can help cool you down. You might notice a lack of geese due to the City's Goose Dog Flo.

  • 6

    Lake Absarraca

    Lake Absarraca in northwest Cheyenne is split by Interstate 25. The west half sets in front of the Cheyenne Country Club while the east half is part of Lions Park. This is a popular fishing hole for local anglers and has plenty of shade trees.

  • 7

    Cheyenne Ice & Events Center

    The Cheyenne Ice & Events Center on West Lincolnway offers ice skating during winter months, roller skating, laser tag and arcade games. They also have an outdoor Wyoming themed miniature golf course complete with their own Devil's Tower.

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    Putt Hutt in Lions Park

    The Putt Hutt in Lions Park is another miniature golf course in Cheyenne. There are lots of trees for shade and usually a cool breeze off of Sloans Lake.

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    Cheyenne's Movie Theaters

    Another cool place you might not have thought of during the hot weather is your local Cheyenne movie theater. There's the Capitol Stadium 12 Theaters on Pershing, the Carmike Frontier 9 in Frontier Mall and the Lincoln Theater downtown. All have air conditioning and serve cold drinks.

  • 10

    Best Place in Cheyenne for Cold Drinks?

    Do you have a favorite place where you buy your ice cold drinks in Cheyenne? Over the summer, many restaurants offer specials like Sonic's half-priced deal from 2 to 4 p.m. Dairy Queen has all their cool Ice cream treats and Orange Julius and there's great smoothies at Ruby Juice and IntaJuice.

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