Downtown Cheyenne will soon boast another entertainment option, as Wyoming Horse Racing is slated to open its second Horse Palace in the capital city next Friday, June 24.

The new site, the company's ninth, will be located in the Grier building at 1601 Central Avenue.

"With our latest downtown location opening, we continue our commitment to strengthening Wyoming’s hospitality and agribusiness economies,” WHR President Nick Hughes said in a release.

"Our partners have been responsible for growing -- and even saving – the fledgling horse industry in other states and in Wyoming," added Hughes.

"We are serious about its dedication to the horsemen, animals, fans, and businesses that rely on the industry’s prosperity,” said WHR Executive Vice President Pete Liguori.

"That is one of the reasons why, in April, Wyoming Horse Racing committed more than $1,000,000 in capital construction improvements to the Sweetwater Events Complex in Rock Springs," he added.

According to the release, revenues from historical horse racing machines and simulcasting as well as WHR’s live racing events provide a sizable boost to the state’s horse industry, increasing purse sizes, bolstering competition, and creating sustained growth across the sector and its suppliers.

The horse industry also provides significant contributions to Wyoming’s tax base.

In 2021, historical horse racing provided more than $9.2 million in tax revenue to Wyoming city and county coffers.

"We look forward to creating enjoyable experiences for guests with the downtown Horse Palace location opening this June," said WHR Executive Vice President John Sheldon.

"Wyoming Horse Racing is and will continue to be a strong supporter of Cheyenne, and the downtown community," Sheldon added. "Our focus is to responsibly build a new level of entertainment and tax generation for Wyoming, here in Cheyenne, and across the state in the coming year."

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