There have been many urban legends that have come out of Wyoming over the years but this one is about Devil's Tower in Crook County, Wyoming, according to MSN.

The lines and cracks on Devil's Tower come from the magma that pushed up the sediment and then cooled down forming the columns you see today.  There's one story the Native Americans tell about how the cracks and lines got in Devil's Tower.

It is said that a large group of Cheyenne girls was brutally attacked and killed by a bear.  Two of the girls escaped unharmed and found two boys to help them.  The boys convinced the girls to be bait for the bear.  All of them climbed to the top of the tower and the bear followed. The boys started shooting arrows at the bear and it finally gave up, leaving scratch marks all the way down the tower as he fell.  This is just one of the urban legends surrounding Devil's Tower, most of them have to deal with a bear though.

There are more urban legends about Wyoming like the Wyoming Incident or the Platte River Death Ship. Which urban legend do you believe?

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