Its no secret that I am one of the biggest Miami Dolphin and Dan Marino fans known to man. Just like most young men and women growing up I was a huge sports fan. I still am to this day.  And like most children I idolized my favorite team and my favorite players.  The player I idolized the most was Dan Marino. In fact I still have my Marino jersey's I wore as a child in elementary, and Jr high school. I could never bring myself to throw them away!

Yesterdays breaking news of Dan Marino fathering a child with a CBS co worker in 2005, and then paying her to keep quiet about it crumbled me.  Marino is a married man, with a family, and in my humble opinion it's the meanest, most cruel thing a married man or women can do to their spouse is to have a affair.

Whether sports figures like it or not they are very much in the public eye.  Kids, as well as adults, look up to these athletes and idolize them, it comes with the territory so to speak. If you're a cook then you work with food, if you're a construction worker you work with wood or metal and power tools, so when you're an athlete and in the public eye people are naturally going to look up to you.

No one can argue the accomplishments Marino had during his NFL career.  He was one of the greatest to ever play the quarterback  position. But can his actions off the field after retirement be held against him and undo his greatness on the field??? I believe that is up to the individual to decide for themselves.

For me personally, I am disappointed with his actions off the field, but they are his actions and he alone has to deal with the fall out for his poor decisions. No one is perfect, people make mistakes all the time its what makes us human. So for this Miami Dolphins fan, and  Dan Marino fan yea i am disappointed, but to me he was one of the greatest to play the game and that is how I will continue to think of him. however I am glad and proud of myself for knowing right from wrong with a situation like this and it is one position I will never put myself in.


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