The paranormal website Your Ghost Stories asks its readers to share their own personal experiences. They seek out "real ghost experiences," in the hopes of investigating the best and most credible stories.

Wyoming has several stories in told in freaky, chilling detail from Wyoming residents. Here are our three favorite creepy ghost stories.

1. A Friends Silhouette [SIC]

This story is a creepy first-hand account of a person's encounter with an apparition in a cowboy hat. Check out this creepy excerpt.

"What I had seen a Silhouette with the same build as John wearing some kind of cowboy hat had walked off and vanished," and  "suddenly, the glass flew off the deck as if someone had pushed. Again, the way it done, it would be impossible to have been the wind" show how these accounts can only come from one state.

2.  White Glowing Eyes Watching Me

This one tells the story of a person in an older home who felt a ghostly presence coupled with a deep sadness.

3. Emily Haunted My Bedroom

This story tells the story of a young woman creeping out the narrarator. "She had very long black hair and was wearing a long white nightgown..."

There are a few good ones worth telling your Wyoming friends and Family this Halloween.

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