Smart longtime couples have worked out holiday differences and learned to compromise. Who’s hosting Christmas? Who’s having Thanksgiving? What are the hot topics to avoid around left and rightwing families? It can be a battlefield.

But with Halloween, it’s usually close quarters, hand-to-hand combat. Small things become big. “What candy should we give out?” can turn to “Take your Necco Wafers and stick ‘em where the sun don’t shine!”

1. But think about this potential landmine. MATCHING COSTUMES OR NOT?

You worked out a great Iron Man costume but she wants to go as a couple, like Fred & Wilma or Raggedy Ann and Andy. WTH?? Does she even know you? Why are you with her? Ahem, sorry, back on point.

You’d rather be the back half of a horse costume, (supposedly a popular costume in Wyoming) but should you give in? No, don’t be a wuss. Be firm, don’t let her waterworks sway you. Tell her you’d love her as Lara Croft or Wonder Woman.

Be together for Halloween, but not joined at the hip, unless you want to. Unless you want to avoid sleeping on the couch for the next month.

2. Also, there’s the question: HALLOWEEN PARTY OR STAY HOME?

My experience is women like to party more than guys, so dude, give some ground here. Also, the hardest part of Halloween partying is getting out the door, then it’s all good.

3. If you decide to stay home for some Netflix & Chill, WHO CHOOSES THE MOVIE?

Dude, again, let her choose, you’ll probably be playing on your phone or iPad anyway.

Maybe watch a classic romantic western, such as McLintock!

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