If you search YouTube, you'll find thousands of videos showcasing the great state of Wyoming at its very best...and few that show us at our very worst.

Here's five of the most brutal YouTube fights filmed here in Cowboy State.

(Warning: These videos contain senseless acts of random violence and profanity. NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

This video went viral last summer and has nearly 900,000 views. It's a classic example of what happens when idiots drink too much.

This shocking clip features two high school girls duking it out in a parking lot. Notice how the guys cheer them on instead of trying to stop it.

This brawl took place inside a package liquor store in Cheyenne. Luckily, no bottles were broken during the melee.

These two knuckleheads appear to beat each other up just for fun.

No list of shameless fisticuffs in the Cowboy State would be complete without reliving the University of Wyoming basketball team's scuffle with New Mexico in 2007.

Wyoming isn't the only place where quarrels can get out of control. We found this clip online from the city of Wyoming, Australia, which is a suburb of New South Wales on Australia's central coast.

Of course, fights here in the Cowboy State aren't just confined to people. Some of the most brutal showdowns involve wildlife. For example, this clip from our friends at Table Mountain Outfitters. 

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