There have alway been theories and it appears that internet only spreads them easier, but it has long been believed that Yellowstone National Park super volcano would cause an extinction level event.

There's a recent video (June 17th, 2021), uploaded to YouTube by the Unexplained Mysteries channel that dives deep into the theory of the volcanos in Yellowstone "waking up". The channel has over 1.3 million viewers and the video has already been viewed over 87,000 times, which isn't bad for only being live a few days.

Some of the science in the video was confirmed (or more likely based) on data from the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, which reported earlier this month that there were several earthquakes recorded in the month of May 2021.

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The 8-minute video was captioned with the following message:

Yellowstone National Park officials have just revealed that the system is waking up because of this. Today, we take a look at what Yellowstone National Park officials have just said.

Yellowstone National park sits on top of a supervolcano, and it's because of this that the park is constantly under surveillance. One of the most recent announcements was that during June park officials recorded over 72 earthquakes, which in turn caused Yellowstone National park to trend on social media, sparking rumours that the supervolcano is becoming more active.

One of the most recent Earthquakes to hit the Yellowstone region measured in at 3.6, unusually high considering that the majority of Earthquakes that hit Yellowstone are around 1 - 1.5 in magnitude.

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