You ready to conquer this year?

It's a new year and I'm willing to bet you have a feeling in your gut that things will be different. We always do. We always enter into a new year believing it will be better and we will be better in it. This hope is one of the reasons why I love a new year. It motivates, challenges and encourages me to be better than than the year prior.

So we set goals for ourselves or, at the very least, we dream about how different we and our lives will be.

However, do you typically find yourself sliding back into old habits by week three? Or maybe it's more like month number three. It's OK if you do. We all struggle to make changes in our lives because with change comes challenge.

Now, onto the big question... how do we break the cycle? How do we make changes in our lives that actually stick? After successfully adding workout routine into my life in 2020 (yes, even in a pandemic), I think it all comes down to just three things. These are the three things that made me successful in keeping not just that resolution, but a few. I also intend to implement these same practices again this year.

Here are three strategies to help you finally make those resolutions stick.

3 Strategies to Make Your Resolutions Stick

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