The 3rd Annual 4 Ever West Tattoo Festival is this weekend.

This festival is a three day event of way more than just tattoos. They will have live music, a car show, graffiti artists, dance performances, and a whole lot more. Plenty to eat and drink with several different food trucks on site.  This will all be taking place at Cheyenne Depot & Plaza.
I am a huge tattoo enthusiast. There are plenty of spaces left on my body for more ink, but trust me when I say I have my fair share.
Tattoos are a lot more accepting these days then they have been in years past.  But, still at times there is a stigma about them that some people just always and will forever think bad things about people with tattoos.  There are doctors, politicians, scientists and some of the highest educated people are covered in tattoos.  Tattoos are a growing business that isn't going anywhere any time soon.  They tell a story about a person, so if they don't want to talk to you just ask if you can read them.  Don't forget to make your way to an event like this to experience and enjoy people who are covered in tattoos and piercings in places you didn't think could be pierced. Trust me, we are some pretty cool people.
If you would like to book your appointment, make your way to 4 Ever West Tattoo Festival page and get your tattoo this weekend.
I will be there. Who knows, I may add some more ink to my collection.


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