Post Draft, NFL teams know who has not been picked. They know the talented players they still want to give a shot.

Chad Kelly of Ole Miss would have been one, until the Broncos made him very last pick. We may call him, “Mister Irrelevant,” but who really believes Jim Kelly’s nephew will be irrelevant?

And it just may be that any of four more former Cowboys will be very relevant. Once the draft was over, it was quick these unpicked Pokes became NFL free agents.

--- Wide Receiver Tanner Gentry (signed by Chicago).

--- Tight end Jacob Hollister (signed by New England).

--- Punter Ethan Wood (invited to try out with Tennessee).

--- Former Wide Receiver now Tight End Jake Maulhardt (signed by New Orleans).

The NFL has many ways of scouting out potential. Maulhardt was in the College Gridiron Showcase, where he met in person with four NFL teams.

Being realistic, there's no guarantee that all four players will get full contracts offered by these teams, but there is a chance of invites from other teams. If no deal from the NFL, there's always the Canadian Football League.

We wish the best of luck to all four of these 2016 Wyoming Cowboys.