I want to be clear that this isn't how it normally works. If you have a bear enter your home, it will normally not leave and close the door. However, there is new video of what is likely the most polite bear ever who did just that when a lady requested.

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Let this be a teachable moment. I have no doubt this kind woman loves the bears that live around her. But, she's in real danger. Here's the innocent status she included with the description of this video:

I live in bear country and bears have accepted me as part of their clan. This bear learned how to close my front door.

There's an entire movie about why this is a bad idea, but here's her video first.

Let's explore some real history. Timonthy Treadwell was a grizzly activist who fought for the conservation of bears and believed he could live among them. His story is a fascinating one that sadly ended tragically when he was killed by the bears he loved.

It is not natural for bears to socialize with humans. I don't know this woman's exact location, but I hope this video will inspire someone who recognizes her to advise her to cut off this contact with these admittedly beautiful animals that also could turn on her in a heartbeat.

Her heart is certainly in the right place and this is a sweet moment with this "polite" bear. It'd be terrible if the story ends up being similar to what happened to Timothy Treadwell.

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