I'm wondering if this was just a rumor.

There was some buzz about Dutch Bros in Cheyenne not opening this week on social media. I'm sure you saw it. I looked around online and couldn't find someone from Dutch Bros saying they weren't opening. So, I figured I'd just reach out to their customer service. It took less than 24 hours for them to get back to me, and this is what Cooper, from Dutch Bros, told me.

Thank you for reaching out! We appreciate your enthusiasm for a Dutch Bros closer to home. While we don’t have current plans to open in Cheyenne Wyoming, it’s our hope to one day serve your community! We’ll share your suggestion with our real estate team for future consideration.

So, that's it. That is the nail in the coffin.

But, was it actually happening? Or was it just a rumor?

I honestly have no idea. I know I had heard that Dutch Bros was coming to Cheyenne, I don't exactly remember where it was going, outside of the "Dell Range" area. I've also heard that it was supposed to be in the old Fernando's building.

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I think the reason I feel like it may not have been actually coming to Cheyenne is the way that our pal, Cooper said "we don't have current plans", it feels like there were never plans.

Maybe I'm looking into it too much.

Either way, we now know that there isn't a Dutch Bros coming to Cheyenne, now or anytime soon.

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