Wedding season is in full swing, and while many are watching their nearest and dearest get married, many couples may be starting to think about where they want to hold their own weddings. While not everyone can get married in a centuries old English chapel like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Wyoming has plenty of beautiful and historic venues across the state to offer couples ready to tie the knot.


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    Red Reflet Ranch

    Located in Ten Sleep, Wyoming, the Red Reflet Ranch was listed as Wyoming's Best Wedding Spot in a list compiled by Orbitz. The venue has mountain views, canyon views, and a full staff to help with the last minute details of the big day.

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    Ivinson Mansion

    Located in Laramie, the Ivinson Mansion (also known as the Laramie Plains Museum) is a popular wedding venue for couples in the area. Finished in 1893, the mansion was one of the first buildings in the state to have electricity. In addition to the mansion and the lawn that are often used for wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions can be held at the adjoined Alice Hardie Stevens center, making it a beautiful and convenient venue for those planning their nuptials.

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    Nicolaysen Art Museum

    For artistically minded couples, the Nicolaysen Art Museum in Casper provides a glamorous location to host a wedding reception. The modern style building has a lot of natural light, making it a perfect place to dance the day away and keep partying well into the night.

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    Cheyenne Depot Museum

    Another historic venue, the Cheyenne Depot Museum also provides a great location for photographs at the heart of downtown Cheyenne. In addition to its history, the museum has a sizable reception space that leaves plenty of room for food and dancing.

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    Diamond Cross Ranch

    As much as most Wyomingites (or is it just me?) might grumble about it, no list about best anything in the state is complete without a mention of a location in Jackson Hole, which brings us to the Diamond Cross Ranch. The venue, which was the location of Kanye West's famous listening party last month, is a perfect mix for those with a preference for the rustic but also have an interest in pop culture. In addition to the breathtaking views, the ranch can also host up to 300 guests for those weddings in which no invite can be left unsent.