Wyoming has been in the spotlight for several pop culture media outlets in 2017 with visits from Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Katherine Heigl, and even ESPN anchor Ryan Russillo who went on a bender and entered someone's Jackson house with no clothes on.


While we can appreciate these celebrities appearing in Wyoming, okay mainly Jackson, and spending their money here, we realize that the Cowboy State might not be right for some of them.

However, we'd like to extend an invitation to these celebrities that are welcome in Wyoming anytime...


  • Getty Images

    Harrison Ford

    Ford is a legit-Wyomingite most of the time. While he still has a house in California, he spends several days of the year near Jackson Hole and has even helped rescue missing hikers with his helicopter.

  • Kevin Winter, Getty Images

    Clint Eastwood

    Eastwood is simply a Wyoming kind of guy. He seems like he'd prefer a cabin in the Big Horn Mountains rather than the Hollywood Hills.

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    Mike Rowe

    The former 'Dirty Jobs' host isn't afraid of hard work. He devoted the early stages of his television career to recognizing skilled laborers and is now helping give back to people who have started their own charities with his 'Returning The Favor' Facebook show. A guy like Mike is always welcome in our state.

  • Jason Merritt, Getty Images

    Mila Kunis

    Not only does Mila seem like a fun person to hang out with, you might not realize how dedicated she is to the United States military. She's given to several military-based organizations and even went to a Marine Corps Ball with an Afghanistan veteran who asked her on social media. Kunis has what it takes to be a Wyomingite.

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    Sam Elliot

    The attitude, the voice, frankly, the mustache... Elliot is Wyoming personified. He's welcome anytime, we'll even buy him a cold banquet beer.