You may know her as the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's entourage, with the opening of Captain Marvel in theaters, and a huge cultural surge around the "girl power," Kree's mightiest hero has to offer. The movie, set in 1995, features characters we already know and love, and a few new additions to enjoy (I mean, c'mon, Annette Bening was in this; she was spectacular.)

Brie Larson trained hard to become Carol Danvers, aka, Captain Marvel, including hours of fight training, strength work outs, and, surprisingly, rock climbing. The Marvel Marvel star found her niche with rock climbing, or bouldering, as she prefers primarily. You can see her work her stuff on the rock wall in the video below.


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My self tape for the role of Spider-Man? Narration by @risemovement

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In a recent interview with Wired, which uses commonly searched phrases to find out what the internet is dying to know about celebrities, Larson dropped a hint that she's training specifically to go on a rock climbing excursion in... Wyoming!

The Teton Mountains, specifically. The Tetons offer plenty of opportunities for rock climbing enthusiasts like Larson. She's planning her trip for August with a few of her rock climbing brethren, but I think we need to tweet at her and convince her to come check out Vedawoo while she's at it.

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