Yahoo Answers had a good 16-year run.

The Internet is a wonderful tool, isn't it? Back in the day, you couldn't just search something on the world wide web. Instead, you had to do all of your research at the actual library referencing actual books and actual encyclopedias. Gosh, I remember some of my assignments coming with a "three-book reference minimum." We had to cite our sources using the title, author, publish date, etc. In other words, you couldn't fake doing the research.

In many ways, I miss that thorough research.

However, these days you can gather even more information with a simple prompt in a search engine. You can research further and deeper in less time. And although there are many false rabbit trails you may chase, it's overall a good resource. It's also a place to connect and learn from others.

For instance, for the last 16 years you could ask anyone on the Internet a question using Yahoo Answers. You could post a question about anything like how to fix your vacuum to who has the best pizza in the area, and what is it like to live in this city to why do birds fly. Of course, as we've learned over the years, not every answer is accurate or trustworthy, but it felt like a safe place to ask something silly and it was a great destination for humor when it came to certain responses.

Alas, after 16 years Yahoo Answers has shut down.

The site officially stopped taking questions and responses on April 20. On May 4, the site as a whole will cease to exist. Why? Well, it appears that the quality of questions and responses has deteriorated. Perhaps the Internet trolls have won this battle.

Before the site is gone completely, we rounded up some questions about Cheyenne...

1. What is Cheyenne, Wyoming best known for?

2. What does Cheyenne, Wyoming look like?

3. What is Cheyenne, Wyoming Like?

4. Is it a good idea to consider moving to Wyoming?

5. What do you think of Wyoming?

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