Take me out to the virtual ballgame.

Baseball is back, baby! Major League Baseball has determined that it is time to get back out on the field. The players are in uniform, the umpires are in position, but there's one thing missing... the fans. Many stadiums are vacant this year thanks to COVID-19. Honestly, I don't mind it. As much as I love going to a baseball game, I'd rather have a chance to watch period, even if it means at home, than have the league shut down again.


With that being said, many stadiums are getting creative with their homemade fans. Many stadiums have turned to cardboard cutouts. In fact, some teams are giving fans the chance to buy a cardboard cutout of themselves to place in those seats. It looks like a giant game of Guess Who. How fun is that?

Then you have FOX Sports who has decided to create virtual fans.

I love this concept even more! It's like we're all living in a video game, like Sims. And these fans are more than just placeholders. Virtual fans will wear team colors, heckle the other team, and even do the wave. I'm not gonna lie, I'm obsessed.

I may even like these guys and gals better than the original fans... you know, humans.

5 Reasons FOX Sports' Virtual Fans Are Better Than Actual Humans

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