Courtesy of the website, you can tell a few of these jokes among fellow BYU-hating Wyoming Cowboy fans.

Q:  What do dead goldfish and the BYU football team have in common?
A:  They both go belly up in bowls!

Q:  What's the difference between a BYU co-ed and a CSU co-ed?
A:  The BYU co-ed is looking for a husband. The CSU co-ed is looking for the father.

Q:  What's the difference between BYU fans and a litter of puppies?
A:  Eventually, the litter of puppies grows up and stops whining.

Q:  How to break a BYU player's nose?
A:  Hit him in the elbow.

Q:  What has an IQ of 144?
A:  The BYU Defense


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