While most parents enjoy the fact that their children will be out of the house (and hopefully out of trouble, safely nestled at their desks), there are other aspects of back to school that aren't as positive.

  • DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media
    DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media

    The Speed Limit

    It's nice being able to go down all the streets during the summer at 30 MPH. Some of us actually take alternate routes during the school year just to avoid slowing down (and the kids that don't pay attention to where they're going).

  • Fuse

    Waking Up Children

    For working parents, getting up is just another everyday occurrence. We have to get up no matter what. Our children on the other hand, have had the chance to sleep in the last three months.

    Now we, the parents, have to get up a good hour (at least!) earlier to make sure we can get them dressed and fed, with enough time to make sure we get to work in a timely fashion.

  • Denis Raev
    Denis Raev

    Back-to-School Shopping

    Don't let the happy family photo fool you! Shopping for back-to-school, whether for clothing or supplies is agonizing!

    Even if the shopping part itself is enjoyable (which it sometimes is), the cost will quickly turn a smile upside down. The average cost of B2S shopping per child in 2017: $501.00!

  • giovanna-fotos


    Whether you have multiple children, younger, older, average or genius-level intellect, homework usually isn't fun for anybody.

    As a parent, you have to make sure it's being done, but certain things (a la Math and English) are taught vastly different from the way we learned. Helping your kids with homework if they're past a certain grade is like going back to school yourself... only as an old, stubborn person!

  • SIphotography


    Be ready for much less what we parents like to call "me-time". Just doing the above 1 - 4 listed items will seriously take a good three hours off your normal 24-hour schedule.

    I'd highly suggest finding at least an hour to yourself a day. Make it happen. Trust me... it's for your sanity as much as it is for your children's safety.

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