You know that Matt Mead is the Governor of Wyoming. You may know he's the 32nd Governor in Wyoming's history. You may know he's 54 years old. But, here's five things we're betting you may not know about the Governor...


  • 1

    He Has A Famous Sister

    Matt's sister Muffy gives him a run for his celebrity status. Muffy is a popular author that has appeared on Oprah and on the Today Show.

  • 2

    They Sold Their Ranch To Ross Perot Jr.

    Matt and his siblings sold their ranch near Jackson Hole to Ross Perot Jr. It was a deal worth and estimated $110 million.

  • 3

    His Brother Owns Wyoming Whiskey

    Brad Mead is an attorney and owns Wyoming Whiskey. The whiskey is distilled in Kirby, Wyoming (population 92) Fun fact: Brad and Matt used to slide down the laundry chute in the Governor's Mansion as kids when their grandpa was there.

  • 4

    He Team-Hunted With Dick Cheney

    I wonder if Matt was a little apprehensive to accept Dick's invitation? Either way, the two participated in Lander's 70th annual "One Shot Antelope Hunt."

  • 5

    His Degree Is In Radio/TV

    Mead graduated in 1984 from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Early on, Mead considered a future in the broadcast industry and graduated from with a degree in radio and television. He was also a member of the Bengal Lancer fraternity.