Unfortunately long weekends do come to an end, but we can do some things to get back into our routine.

We've all been jolted out of our slumber after a long weekend by sound of our alarm clock. The fun is over and now we need to get back into the real world. We wonder how we ever went back to school after three months of vacation when we can't even get moving after three days. I'm not saying the sluggishness, pain and I-don't-wannas won't be there, but there are some things that can help us recover.

This is what I do to get back in the groove of things. I call it SHEMA

S - Sleep

Getting to bed at a decent hour may sound easier than it is to do, but your body will thank you. I'm willing to bet that your sleep schedule went out the window along with your inhibitions this weekend. Tonight, try getting in bed on time or even early. Take time to wind down beforehand and maybe even use an eye mask to help you get some quality sleep.

H - Hydrate

No matter how you spent your weekend, we could all stand drinking a little more water each and every day. We certainly could use some H2O after long days in the sun, indulgent food and adult beverages. Water will help flush out the toxins, but also get your body moving more smoothly, which leads me to the next one...

E - Eat

Your body is in recovery mode, so a little sustenance will definitely help. And don't feed it the same junk you fed it for the last three days. Find something with more nutritional value than Cheetos and Oreos.

M - Move

It sounds counter-intuitive to do something active when you're so tired, but your body will thank you. A quick walk around the neighborhood or even up and down the office stairs will not only give you an energy boost, you'll also snap out of whatever grumpy mood you're in.



A - Act

This is where I have to give myself some tough love. Stop making excuses for why you're not being productive. You knew this day would not be easy, but you have to keep moving forward. If you're not productive today, it will be even more difficult tomorrow. Knock our your responsibilities with little procrastination.

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