Maybe if you're a Bronco fan you already heard. The NFL Pro Bowl is in Orlando and Von Miller went to a place where they let him wrestle a gator. Did up think, "Wait, Dude, you are playing in the Pro Bowl Sunday, right? Did you want both arms for that?"

I wondered what John Elway thought of this. You may remember during young #7's playing days, the Broncos didn't want John to ski in winter. Maybe Pat Bolen was thrilled when Elway took up golf. Now Von is on video sitting on top of an alligator.

It would only be a 90-minute trip north for Von to find some fun things to wrestle in Wyoming. In fact, here are 5 different possibilities:

  1. Bison - These guys are 1400 pounds and can get mean as hell.
  2. Pronghorn - He'd have to catch one first. Let's see how quick he really is. HUT!
  3. Moose - Well, nuff said
  4. Mule Deer - He might get racked.
  5. Toby Keith at CFD in 2018 - Cheyenne Frontier Days just announced that former football player, Toby is headlining Friday July 27. Let's have he and Von wrestle in the Party Zone.