It's summertime and once again this year, thousands of tourists will be flocking to Wyoming to visit our National Parks and Rodeos. For guests planning a trip to the Cowboy State, here are five rules to abide by during your stay.

1. Nobody here really eats Rocky Mountain Oysters. Deep fried bull testicles aren't a local favorite, they're a trick we play on gullible tourists.  But, by all means, go ahead and try 'em, they're delicious. And, unless you're in Jackson, don't ask for the vegetarian or gluten free menu. There probably isn't one. Go with the steak.

2. If you go to a rodeo, don't complain about the smell of animal crap. Cows poop.  A lot. (Follow up rule: Don't walk through a pasture in flip flops, you might get poo on your feet)

3. If you're in the mountains, bring a jacket. The weather can turn from 80 degrees to a snowstorm in a flash. And while you're at it, keep an eye out for wildlife. Bears and Moose aren't friendly, cuddly little animals. They will eat you.

4. If you're at a bar, don't complain because they don't have your fancy microbrew on tap. Real cowboys drink domestic beer...all day long.

5. Don't challenge a woman to an arm wrestling match. Wyoming women are tough. She is stronger than you and the only way you will win is if she lets you.

By keeping these five simple rules in mind, you'll be able to fully enjoy all of the beautiful sights and rich cultural history Wyoming has to offer.